Funeral planning & arranging. From death to cremation

Funerals - How To Plan and Arrange One Without a Funeral Director.

How to plan, arrange, organise and conduct your own family funeral.

New book explains how to plan, arrange and conduct a family funeral. Details of steps and how to handle them. It explains, from time of death the various  stages which occur and how you attend to them. How you  can make your own arrangements for a funeral without engaging a funeral director at very high cost.

Funeral arrangements covered include how and why to plan in  advance, recognising death, immediate action required, transportation and storage, laying-out the body, selection of coffin, advantages of burial or cremation, selection of final resting place, choosing the right celebrant, venue for ceremony, music, floral tributes, selection and duties of pall bearers.

Also information on donating body for organ and tissue transplant, donating body for research, making a Will, Powers of attorney, obtaining probate, Advance health directives etc..



Space allotted for notess so that you build an informative note-book of where, how, what, when and who. the stress and uncertainty of being suddenly faced with difficult decisions at a time of grief need not be feared.

You will have a list of actions to take, phone numbers to call, names of people to speak with when you need it. 

This is a new production which combines the information you seek with the price you want to pay. For further information phone now 0419 734 584.

When a family member dies the most satisfying way to farewell  your loved one is by conducting the ceremony within your own family or with the minimum possible intrusion of strangers who do not share your grief.

 ‘Funerals, What, Why and How Much’ is a new book, just released, which details the actions  required in the planning, organising, and conducting of a funeral ceremony.

It is not written, by or at the behest of, a funeral parlour, a funeral director, a cemetery, a crematorium, a coffin manufacturer,  supplier of funeral material, or a religious body. It contains no paid advertisements but it does make reference to website where further helpful information is available.

 Funerals. What, Why, How and How much guides you through from the death to the ultimate fare-welling. Researched and written by the author, Mr. F. T.  Sparrow,  a well respected author of legal kits in Australia it lifts the veil of mystery from the ceremony associated with funerals. It allows and encourages the acceptance of death as a part of life’s cycle and in doing so explains the various stages that occur behind the scene in the funeral parlours.


Knowledge of the processes and who performs them encourages and allows many of the functions which help to swell the cost of a funeral to be attended to by the grieving family who may wish to make the final journey a more personal and devoted occasion.


Where it is likely that you wish to make notes in preparation of a coming event ruled spaces are provided in many of the sections to record times, costs, suppliers, people, products etc..

Here is a list of the section headings

Introduction            Purpose of book            Time to start planning            Government involvement
Actions preceding death            Making a Will            Appointing executor            Powers of attorney
Living Will            Funeral Insurance            Donations of tissue and organs for transplant
Donations of body for medical research            Funeral parlour            Death            Laying-out
Transportation            Storage            Registering the death            Responsibility for arranging the funeral
Matters for attention            Religion            Choice of resting place            Eulogy            Hymns and music
Floral tributes            Printing of serice program            The coffic            Celebrant            The wake
The viewing            Notice of death or obituary            Pall bearers and journey to the grave side
Ushers            Reaching the end of the journey            Green burials            Cremation


This book will be available shortly. To indicate your interest with absolutely no obligation or commitment on your part either phone 0419 734 584 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.