Memory Loss Treatment With the Memory Loss Relief Kit for Dementia and Ageing 

Alzheimer's , Parkinson's , dementia or old age will cause memory loss. Poor memory, or forgetfulness, causes confusion within the family because without continued memory of the family's usual procedures it it is impossible for the home to function efficiently.

The Memory Loss Relief Kit is a new, and long awaited treatment method of countering poor memory or memory loss, that can help every household.

No one person in the home has thorough knowledge of ALL procedures which are required to run home efficiently and effectively. That is why Memory Loss Relief Kit is so important where fading memory is likely.

Read how the long awaited and required treatment for poor memory works as treatment to overcome the worry of poor memory, lost memory, absent-mindedness or forgetfulness, so you retain the ability to handle your administrative and business matters. 

From start to finish the kit is designed to prevent losing memory. The notebook, A4 in size, contains a a clear and detailed index of your administrative and business matters which reqire periodic attention. Reading  the index will be a reminder for poor memory that an item is of interest or that an action needs to be taken.

The index and pages encourage and enable you and your partner, whilst between you the knowledge is still remembered, to jot down information so that it will continue to be accessable. Large, clear, detailed, index pages advise the subject and where to easily record information that will later be required when poor memory strikes.  Within each subject section there are appropriate columns and spaces for you to enter your details. For example within 'Insurance' section'  there will be separate spacings and headings for "Home Insurance", "Contents Insurance." , "Property Insurance", "Car Insurance" , "Health Insurance", Life Insurance.",  "Funeral Insurance.", "Income Protection Insurance."  plus space for even more different types of insurance.etc.. Under each heading there is the space for amount insured, premiums, when payable. contact numbers, location of policy etc..  Other subjects are treated similarly. Large, clear, detailed index ensures you easily find what you seek. This notebook contains all your information for continued household efficiency.

Passwords for internet banking - contact details  for your friends and relatives - where  'property deeds' are - when rent is due - who the medical consultant is in case of an emergency, and many other matters. This is your aid for present or future memory loss.

Memory loss through Alzheimer's  or Parkinson's  or absence, or death, of spouse will deprive the family of knowledge that is needed. A grief- stricken family facing this problem is  less able to locate important phone numbers, medications banking details etc.. Inability to access funds, find car keys, locate details of medications, or even phone relatives, can be disastrous.

Think how valuable having all this information available for yourself, your partner, or your carer will be. How it will improve your poor memory.

The day will come when you desperately need this Memory Loss Relief Kit to counter poor memory. or forgetfulness because it is designed to remind and facilitate recording of information on many vital matters. It coaxes and reminds you to make entries by having a very clear index stating what the contents are.  It has pre- printed pages setting out details which need to be noted. A position for each bank account, investment property, social media user name or pass-word etc..All this information is then available for when for you or tue carer when it is needed.

The kit - the aid for poor memory, forgetfulness or absentmindedness - contains, amongst other items, -

  • user names and passwords etc. to access mobile phones, computers, bank accounts etc.
  • ample space for entries on health, medications, doctors and consultants,
  • insurances, banking, investments, real estate, mortgages, investment properties,
  • businesses you run or which are reliant on your imput, 
  • personal property kept else-where, Money you owe or are owed,
  • Government departments you deal with and which can assist you if stressed,
  • basic details and location of original legal Will,
  • your desired wishes for the arrangement of your funeral,
  • actions to take in an emergency,
  • where mortgages, naturalisation papers, birth certificates, insurance papers etc. are kept.
  • contact details of all family members and friends
  • details of past family member's names which are required for death certificates.

Some details you record may change, so space is provided for information to be updated - a different medical consultant, a new password, a new employer. Contents index is clear and extensive so information can be quickly found despite poor memory.  There is also a list of actions to take in a sudden emergency such as heart attack or stroke, again, very clearly indexed. 

All information need not be recorded immediately, but if the start is made then there are fewer private or confidential entries to be made when the memory aid is required - as it surely will be.

The kit also includes information and explanations on important matters that you should have knowledge of including -
Powers of Attorney  -  Living Will (Advance Health Directive) - Will and Testament -  Probate - Executors - Donation of Organs

Wholly conceived, designed and produced in Australia. Available only direct from Legal Kit Specialists. Order through Paypal or phone  0419 734 584. 

Order the  Memory Loss Relief Kit now so that it can start to improve your memory.You will be glad that you did. 

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 Memory Loss Relief Kit is the cure for problems caused by Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression, dementia or absence of a partner.

A book that every family will one-day wish it had.